Passion. Purpose. Profit

Who says you can’t have it all?

CFO and Operations advisory, ensuring your purpose-driven business can do good and make a profit.


You started your business fueled by purpose and driven by a vision. And then… the world changed.

As our businesses and markets shifted, so must we.

Are you an established or emerging business ready to ignite that passion again?

To leave behind complexity and exhaustion?

Then it’s time to let a strategic number geek like me open your books – and your eyes – to a new way of operating.

Secrets of a CFO

The 5 things every business owner wished they knew

trusted And Certified

Real-time visibility to finances

I love numbers, so you don’t have to. I bring two decades of Fortune 100 finance & operations experience to you.
real time visibility to finances

Personalized Solutions

One size does NOT fit all.

Trusted advisor in all aspects of the business

I operate with a deep sense of ownership, and care for my customer’s companies as if they were my own.

Meet Colleen Ruhlin FOUNDER AND CEO

A lifelong Oregonian, Colleen founded Tailwind PDX with the goal of offering big business best practices to growing companies.
colleen ruhlin

I bring Fortune 100 finance and operational expertise to your business.

I founded Tailwind PDX because I’m drawn to the energy and ambition of entrepreneurs, and want to help bring your vision to life. Finance shouldn’t be a burden, nor intimidating – it should be a critical asset in your toolkit for success.


How can WE help?

You’ve got big dreams, I’ve got the action plans to get you there! I want to work with people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

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Put my expertise to work for you.

I provide just the amount of help your company needs.
Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Inside you’ll find my five easy to use suggestions to get your business moving with a good tailwind.
Pun intended!

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You’ve got big ideas, I’ve got the action plans to get you there! I want to work with people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.